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קנה את היין האהוב עליך

ALKUNYA is a grand Mediterranean varietal white wine made from old Macabeo vines (Goblet trained system & strict rained farming), rooted in Calcareous-clay soils at 790 meters altitude above the sea level. It aged in 1000l clay amphora jars, looking for maximum expression and strong typicty. 


Old Macaebo vines - Low yield
Aging: 6 months in Clay Amphora Jar
Vineyard Training System: Gobelet - Low yield
Farming system: Strict Rainfed
Density per Ha: 1800 vines
Soil type: Calcareous-Clay
Altitude: 790m
Harvest: Manual & Selected

Certification: Organic
Limited production: 2727 bottles

ALKUNYA - Tinaja

169.00 ₪מחיר
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